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Clinical Pilates

clinical-pilatesPilates is a body conditioning exercise program designed to improve core stability and posture.  The Pilates method of exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany in the early 20th century and has become very popular over the last decade.  It helps to build longer, leaner muscles allowing more freedom of movement, and can enhance functional fitness and ease of movement, with heightened body awareness.

The benefits of Pilates are improved:

  • core stability
  • posture
  • balance
  • strength
  • flexibility

Clinical Pilates is designed for you, and instructed by a qualified Exercise Physiologist.  Starting with a full musculoskeletal assessment, your needs and goals are established and your Pilates program is designed specifically for your body.  If you have injuries or chronic conditions, clinical Pilates can assist you to improve your quality of life. 

Our Clinical Pilates sessions include

REFORMER, SPRINGBOARD AND MATWORK - We use the Allegro 2 Reformer; the most intuitive, versatile and functional Reformer.

We also add variety and instability by using small apparatus such as balls, bands, rollers and rings. Private 1 on 1 sessions are available. Have fun while achieving your goals! 

1 on 1 sessions by appointment only.  Casual price and packages available.


"Lindsey is a great Exercise Physiologist, I highly recommend her and her clinic. When I first started my sessions, I was very unmotivated to exercise and I was struggling with a shoulder injury. Through guided exercise sessions at Movement is Freedom,...
"I am so thrilled with the progress I have made since going to Lindsey  just over 12 months ago.   I no longer suffer with the aches and pains that I experienced on a daily basis before making use of her skills and knowledge.  ...
"I've been working with Lindsey since January 2014.  At the beginning of this journey, Lindsey performed a thorough fitness assessment and developed a personalised program to not only improve my fitness but also strengthen my overall physical well-being.  One...
“My partner and I are a mature couple who are very grateful that we found Lindsey. With her expert help, supervision and advice as an Exercise Physiologist, we have discovered "our core" literally, regained and maintained our balance, and reduced stiffness...
“I attend Pilates weekly and really enjoy it.  Lindsey is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and informative.  She makes it fun and cares about the individual at the same time.  If I am having problems with a particular exercise,...